Monday, September 21, 2009


Today is production meeting day!
I have prepared a schedule I hope achievable and a scene listing. I will have to talk you about the scene listing because it could help us in the future.
Anyway there are this week goals: Freya makes the clean-up of her scenes so they are ready to scan the week after. Michael makes the animation of scene 30 and 32 so he could complete them the week after and I could show him the Ink and Paint procedure. I finish scene 9 and make some more layout so Freya could have more inbetweens to do the week after ;)
I cannot yet post the animatic as I didn't manage till now to got one with a good enough quality under 100 Mo but I think it will possible before the end of the week. Anyway I will post the clean up of scene 9 today.

As a note of interest I add the scenes that Michael have to animate.



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