Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hello everyone!

I should post linetests (I have quite a few new now) and videos from the recording session. In fact they are waiting on my pen drive but the computers of the computers' room are so slow that I have to go to the media lab to upload video. Thus this will wait a little. Instead I post some drawings I have made during the japanese tea ceremony performed yesterday at the DCA. They had been noticed by the organiser of the event and perhaps will be published on the event website. I will keep you informed.
Don't hesitate to comment (really, don't: I begin to feel a little lonely on this blog).
See all in good shape Monday.




  1. Thank you Mark! I hope many others will follow your example ( I mean make comments, not necessarily compliments though I have nothing against them).

  2. i really like these theresia! i tried to get to the ceremony but was too busy - was it good?