Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Welcome Sarah!

We have a new member in the team!
Sarah has just join us to help with the scan and Ink and Paint.
This is great because we begin to have more and more finished scene that are ready for this stage and Michael could end overwhelmed by a wave of papers.
Ashley has nearly finished her first scene with an impressive speed (so well done Ashley) and will had completed it if the evil painters didn't have hide the drawings (don't worry we will overcome their dark purposes).
Michael have finished the Ink and Paint of sc 9 and started sc 13. I should have enjoyed to show you the result but the video is at home (anyway without the CGI plate it will look a bit silly). In replacement I post the line test of the scene on which I am working. It is pretty rough but I hope to finish it for the end of the week.
A note for Sarah: look at the first posts of the blog (in August , I think). There I explain that I would to do a montage of sketches for the credits end and I like if everybody in the team could contribute.
See you and carry on the good work!


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